This week's featured holiday business- Rhedyn Guesthouse, Cilmery

Enjoy nature at its best at ­­Rhedyn Guesthouse, set in the Irfon Valley, Mid Wales.

The Irfon Valley is such a beautiful spot to see so many different birds throughout spring and summer. You can spot Chiffchaffs, Redstarts, Pied Flycatchers, Blackcaps and Wood Warblers. Most are seen from our window including nuthatches and a family of Great Spotted Woodpeckers.  Other frequent visitors include Red Kites, Buzzards, the shy Jay, Ravens and the Oh so beautiful Goldfinch. ­­­­­­­­­

Not far from us at Rhedyn is Builth Wells which has a particularly beautiful stretch of the River Wye. Here the river passes through some of the most stunning and unspoilt scenery imaginable. Being unpolluted, the river bank makes it an incredible area for watching nature. Some of the most spectacular scenery occurs where the river's tributaries tumble into the river, cutting deep into the rocks.

The Salmon is the River Wye's most famous resident. Every year these amazing fish travel 6,000 miles from the Atlantic in an exhausting journey.  But a number of lesser known but equally fascinating fish also make their own migratory journeys to the Wye. Such as the Sea Lampreys - these four feet long fish are predators who come to the Wye to spawn between May and June.

These remarkable fish can clamp their mouths onto rocks to move them and create a safe nest. The Lampreys can also thrash their tails to create a dip in which to lay their eggs. A good place to see them in the water is from Boughrood Bridge at Llyswen.

The Wye is also a good place to look for birds including the Dipper which loves fast flowing, shallow water and lots of boulders on which to perch.  it can be identified by its strange habit of bobbing up and down like it is doing a curtsy. A brilliant way of exploring the river and its wildlife is by boat or canoe.

Also seen from our windows is the Mynydd Epynt, The Welsh-language name means mountain (crossed by a) horse-path, one of Wales 107 Marilyns.  A Marilyn is a hill in the British Isles that has at least 150 m (492 feet) of relative height

So, plenty to see and explore in this lovely part of Mid Wales. Rhedyn has three superb ensuite bedrooms, two with private entrances, all with TVs, and lots of little luxuries.  Seen from any side of the house are fields, During summer we are surrounding by sheep, and plenty of lambs during the spring. 

The summer brings the farmer out to harvest, his cows peeping over the bushes – who is looking at whom?! Or maybe his horses left to kick up their heels.

And after all this excitement and exhaustion, stay for dinner, everyone says it is very good.