Wildlife holidays

in Mid Wales

Wildlife holidays

in Mid Wales

Wildlife holidays

in Mid Wales

Wildlife holidays

in Mid Wales


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Wildlife in Mid Wales

Natural Mid Wales offers information about the wildlife of mid Wales along with a choice of places to stay with local wildlife enthusiasts.

Rivers, valleys, woodlands, meadows and mountains, and abundant wildlife of all kinds- on this site you will find information to help you plan your visit to Mid Wales and to see, study, explore and enjoy this spectacular countryside.

Natural Mid Wales is a group of like minded tourism businesses with an interest in promoting and preserving the biodiversity and natural beauty of our local area, as well as the economic wellbeing of communities here.  To find out more about our members click here.

We value the special nature of our area and are working together with conservation organisations so that we can all learn more about and enjoy the natural world and be optimistic that the wildlife and habitats of Mid Wales are preserved and enhanced for the benefit of everybody in the future.

Here in Mid Wales you can watch Salmon leaping and see Dippers, Kingfishers, Common Sandpipers, Otters and Sea Lamprey in our rivers.

Here in Mid Wales you can eat wild Whinberries on the hillsides and Raspberries from summer hedgerows and forage for Ceps and Chanterelle fungi in the autumn.

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Bird Boxes

We have bird nesting boxes for £6, bat boxes £6, and hedgehog houses at £25 for sale. All made at a local sheltered workshop and of lovely quality. Email office@naturalmidwales.co.uk to order.

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Wildlife holidays overseas

Information about our international partner organisations, and wildlife holidays in Scotland, Yorkshire, Finland and Portugal

About mid Wales


Find out more about this beautiful and peaceful part of Wales where there is so much wildlife.. READ MORE


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Places to stay


Come and see our magnificent landscape and wildlife for yourself...find some delightful places to stay in mid Wales  READ MORE

So much to do!

Craig Goch, Elan Valley

Whatever you like to do outdoors, and however you choose to get there, there are activities for everyone here

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